Emergency Responses

Emergency Responses are essential assets for families who have lost access to livelihoods, but in particular for isolated women with children . They aim to cover the basic needs through monthly food aid (distribution of food baskets or hot meals), access to decent housing for displaced people (cash contributions for rent, rehabilitation, insulation), access to non-food items (equipment, fuel for heating, blankets, hygiene products) and for young children (diapers, milk, clothing). Emergency response was the core activity of L4S in 2011 and continues to be a primary need of the Syrian population as prices for rent and food are extremely inflated. In 6 years of war, prices have more than doubled and the number of families in need of assistance has increased. The price of a monthly food basket for a family (rice, flour, sugar, oil, canned food) has increased from 20 Euros in 2014 to 40 Euros in 2017.