Help us organize an event

You can support Life4Syria by a donation or by organising a support event for our association.

Help us organise a Concert for Syria

If you know a place that could host a Concert for Syria, or if you can organise a home concert, you can could help us organise a support concert for Life4Syria.
Here is what we need:
A theatertheatre room/auditorium/municipal town hall/private appartment home fit to host at least 30 personspeople;
a tuned grand piano (or baby-grand)
your help to gather an audience, through your personal network to gather an audience
The musicians supporting us givecontribute with a free performance. A and at the end of the concert, offerings donations are gathered to support Life4Syria’s activities inside Syria.
If you know a municipality, local association or private persons who couldinterested in supporting us by providing a place for a Concert for Syria, please contact us!
If you are eager to organise a Home concert in your home, contact us!
If you are a musician or a group who would like to support us by organising a concert, do not hesitate to contact us.

Help us to organise another other kinds of events

To raise awareness about the situation in Syria, our members with have the academic expertise can to give conferences on topics related to the history and the archaeology of the Middle East, or to organise presentations talks and debates about the humanitarian situation in Syria, and including the presentation of Life4Syria and its activities. At the end of the conference, offerings donations are gathered to support Life4Syria’s activities inside Syria.
If you are willingwould like to organise such an initiative event or if you know a municipality, association or loacal group of people who could would be interested to host us, please contact us!

Please feel free to propose us any kind of manifestations or events supporting our action.