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Life4Syria organises events to support its humanitarian action activites in Syria. The events include conferences (archeology and history of the Middle East), presentations and debates as well as, and artistic manifestationsperformances, especially oursuch as the Concerts for Syria (LINK). They These events give us the an opportunity to present our activities to the public and to raise public awareness about the humanitarian situation inside Syria and of our activities.
At the end of the concert or conferenceevents, we collect private donations to support our humanitarian activities inside Syria. 
We L4S also supports propose sales of handicraft products to support some Middle-East based associations  associations that offer vocational training aim to preserve the local traditions of handicraft as well asin conjunction with material and psychological support to Syrian women, inside Syria or and in the neighboring countries. These associations also aim to preserve the local traditions of handicraft. The associations we work with include See for instance: 

Lebanon-based Ninurta
and Syria-based Sabbara

Since 2014, Life4Syria has organised support events in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

The Concerts for Syria

The Concerts for Syria are an initiative of Italian musician Giovanni Ceccarelli and other artists. Since August 2016, about ten concerts have been organised in France, Italy and Switzerland, in municipal halls, jazz clubs, or private homes concerts. They mainly consist in solo piano concerts, hosting talented guests including singers, saxophonists, flutists or double-bassists. Life4Syria is very gratefull to all musicians who participated to initiative, starting with Giovanni Ceccarelli for his artistic and organizational involvement ; Marco Agostinelli, Felice Del Gaudio, Adelina Filli, Lorenzo Fontana, Anne Garcenot, Mauro Gargano, Andrea Romani, Victoria Rummler, Apostolos Sideris, for their artistic participation, and all our local hosts and organizers.
Your can discover the Concerts for Syria through photos and videos on our Past events or on Giovanni Ceccarelli’s artistic website

Don’t miss the next Concert for Syria! To discover the next places and events, please consult our Coming events.

Help us organise an event

We seek to organise new events in support to our association. If you would like to organise new events in support to our associationhelp us, please visit our Help us to organise an event.