Who We Are

In the field since 2011

L4S - Life for Syria - was created in October 2011 by a group of French and Syrian volunteers. It was set up as a French association in 2012. It has a voluntary board of directors and an operational in charge  for the follow up with the field. It conducts humanitarian programs funded both by individual and institutional donors as well as by NGOs.

The association targets the urgent needs of the most impoverished populations in Syria; deprived families and internally displaced people in rural or urban areas regardless of religious or ethnic community. In a context where 13.5 million people need humanitarian aid and 6.3 million are internally displaced, the work of L4S is essential because we can access areas that are out of reach of official humanitarian NGOs.

Since the start in 2012, the association has extended its activities geographically in Syria to be able to act quickly in emergency situations. We provide financial and material assistance through our local partners. These local teams are prepared to rapidly accommodate displaced families who need shelter, medical treatment and basic needs. They also initiate projects that are essential to improve the living conditions of villages and neighbourhoods that suffer because of the war.

Helping the suffering Syrians, regardless of confessional or political motivations, is an act that strengthens the local cohesion and creates links of solidarity between people. The support provided by people all over the world will enable the Syria of tomorrow to recover from war, destruction and violence. The reconstruction of tomorrow's Syria begins today in the humanitarian actions that connects Syrians to a common future.


Our principles

Aid is distributed through our local Syrian partners on the ground. The relationship between the French members of the association and these local teams is based on mutual trust, communication and respect for the dignity of the beneficiaries. An essential part of our work is to ensure the safety of the men and women, who are working with us and take risks to help their fellow citizens on the ground as much s possible.

Our activities respond to the needs in the field which depend on the region, the movements of population and the seasons (monthly food aid, hygiene kit, kits for the young children, help for the winter, projects of economic autonomy and education)

Local teams inform us about the needs, according to the evolution of the situation. L4S assesses feasibility, local security conditions, sets up programs and looks for funding. The close collaboration between the association and the local teams ensures that the help reaches the families for whom it is intended.

The association transfers all individual donations to its partners in the field. Overhead costs are covered by major programs funded by NGOs and international institutions, partners of Life4Syria.