Winter project in 2015- 2016

Since 2012 L4S has covering the needs of thousands of families with Non Food Items and Winter kits.

For instance, L4Ssucceeded in covering the needs of fuel and/or firewood as well as winter kits to 200 vulnerable families/households. We also helped with the improvement of shelters and 60 apartments were rehabilitated to improve their isolation.

L4S also participated in a project aimed covering part of the basic household needs of 1'000 families (including 70% IDPs) with a Keep Warm kit: blankets, clothes for children (pants, sweaters, woolly hats, socks, scarfs, coats, winter boots) and adults (sweaters, pants, coats, socks, winter boots, hat, and scarves).

Recently, L4S supported 1200 families/households,40% from the Host community, and 60% from the IDPs communities, (450 children ages 5-12, 450 children ages 13 to 16, and 300 women) and provided them with winter clothes.