Refugees in their own country

“War puts a load on your shoulders, and you have to be strong to carry on ”
 Says Fatima, mother of 5 and caretaker of two of her sister’s children.
Fatima is from S., where she was forced to flee her house. Daily bombings pushed hundreds of families like Fatima’s to hit the road and look for a safe haven.
Fatima tried to rent a small place for her 7 children while she was receiving support from generous neighbours in the new area N. Moreover, she was receiving food and hygiene baskets from the Red Crescent.
When L4S started providing cash contributions for rent in N., Fatima and her family felt reassured and safe, as if someone was finally supporting them directly “We were in the middle of nowhere, after my husband was arrested. For me and my 7 kids, it was hard but now I really feel like no one will kick us out because of not paying the rent monthly. We are starting to feel like a normal family again”, Fatima confesses smiling.
“I am going to school with my brother and sisters and we are feeling good here in our new home”  Reem, one of her children, says.
In this area, L4S helped more than 250 families in 2015.

“Since the war broke in Syria in 2011, hundreds of thousands of families are forced to leave their homes” Says Asmaa, “and their memories with it!” she adds sadly.
The family agreed to share their story with us. “Without hope, we can’t continue our lives” she said; in 2014, they were forced to leave their house when the two sides that are fighting in Syria started fighting in A., resulting in bombing and hard clashes.
Asmaa, her husband M. and their four kids, “Qamar, Khaled, Rawaa and Bilal” tried to flee toa safe area. After one week they finally found a place in Q. As they were moving their belongings to the new place, a rocket exploded in front of the husband M., baby Bilal and her little daughter Qamar, killing the three of them.
“After my husband's death, I couldn’t find a safe place without money, I didn’t have work to bring money”. She tried to stay at her sister’s house, but they were 15 people in the same house and it soon became unsustainable.
Two months after this tragedy, a friend of Asmaa told her about the help for rent L4S offered. She found a small house in D., for her and her two kids, Khaled and Rawaa.
Khaled is 15 years old and he is helping his uncle to sell vegetables. “We can now use some money to eat every day and not be worried about where to stay. At night we can even close our eyes and have nice dreams” he says with a weak smile.
Now that they all feel better with a roof over their heads they can mourn their loved ones in dignity.